REBCO Showroom Entrances
Narrow Stile (unequal pair)

The showroom entrance Package features
a 3'-0" active door for regular customer traffic and a 5'-0" inactive door that can be opened when the full width of the opening is required. It is ideal for the fronts of stores, produce markets, auto dealerships and anywhere you need to create a wide opening.

Pictured left is an automobile dealership application. It effectively uses the REBCO Showroom Entrance with custom glazing and hardware to achieve a dramatic yet functional entrance which is large enough to drive cars onto the showroom floor.


Active Door
• 1-1/2 PR. Butts
• M.S. Lock with two cylinders
• Standard Push/Pull
Inactive Door
• 1-1/2 PR. Butts
• Flush Bolts
• Standard Push/Pull
• Doors prepped for 1/4” glass
• 5” Aluminum Threshold
• No glass or closers are included.
• Narrow Stile Doors and 1-3/4” x 4-1/2” Framing