Swinging and Sliding Door and Window Systems.pdf


Sliding NC-S 120 SD Entrances & Windows

The sliding line is ideal for medium to large dimensions. Metra windows slide easily with their state-of-the-art opening and closing mechanisms.

• Class CW-PG30-SD Size tested 96 x 84
• Positive design pressure (DP) = 30.0 psf
• Negative design pressure (DP) = -30.0 psf
• Water penetration resistance test pressure = 8.25 psf
• Canadian air infiltration / exfiltration level = A3 Level

• Air-water-wind tightness: Elaprene and brush gasket
• Slim line: brush gasket
• Accepts 1" Insulated Glass
• 6" Frame Depth
• Max. load each sash: 440.92 lb.
• Slim line: 881.84 lb.

• Easy maintenance
• Thermal and acoustic insulation
• No architectural barriers
• Optimization of spaces
• High level design
• Inalterable and long-lasting
• Extremely smooth sliding action.


Swinging and Sliding Door and Window Systems.pdf

NC-S 150 SD Sliding Door Systems

metra_sampleThis door system can be set in any architectural environment, from new construction to retro-fit and historic renovation.

Metra's style and technological innovation set a high standard that benefits today's designers and architects.

• Large Unobstructed Openings
• Acoustic Insulation
• Thermal Insulation
• Quite and Smooth Closing System
• Easy Maintenance

• 6063-T5 Aluminum Alloy Frame
• Frame Depth: 5.875"
• Accepts 1" Insulated Glass
• Max. Sash Weight: 660 lbs
• Weather Stripping: EPDM or Brush Gaskets
• Thermal Barrier: Polyamide
• Lift-and-Slide Mechanism
• Multi-point Lock System
• Durable Components

• Doors
• Windows Glazing Options Lift and Slide Solution
• It’s ideal for moving large, heavy sashes with ease.
• Controlled and silent movement of the sash.
• Bear loads up to 660 lbs. Glazing Options
• The system provides design-flexibility to meet your performance needs. System will accommodate 1" Insulated Glass.
• Different configuration requirements can be evaluated.