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Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all proposals, quotations and sales are made upon the following terms and conditions. No modifications, changes, additions, deletions or suspensions will be binding upon REBCO. Any orders accepted by REBCO are conditioned upon the following terms and conditions of sale:


1. When accepted by REBCO, orders become binding contracts and any changes and/or cancellations are subject to charges for costs incurred.

2. In cases of strikes, fires, floods, snows, accidents, common carrier delays, failure of outside vendors to deliver materials or parts, and other problems beyond our control, REBCO assumes no responsibility nor economic liability for failure to meet planned delivery schedule. Every effort will be made to return to schedule as soon as possible following the event.

3. Delivery dates indicated in confirmation of order are approximate only and shall not subject the Company to any economic liability for failure to meet the approximate shipping schedule.

4. Title to materials sold shall pass to the buyer on delivery to common carrier at point of shipment, however, the seller shall retain a lien for payment on the materials so sold until the purchase price has been paid in full.

5. Back orders for material omitted from the original shipment because of shortage of stock or other conditions beyond our control, shall be on the same terms and conditions of sale as if it were included in the original shipment.


1. Prices are subject to change without notice. In the event of a price change, orders on hand shall be invoiced at the prices in effect at the time orders are shipped.

2. Prices are F.O.B. point of manufacture. No allowances shall be made for transportation charges.

3. Quotations unless otherwise noted are subject to placement of orders within 30 days. Changes in prices that have been made for materials included in quotations shall become effective at the end of the 30 day period.

4. REBCO Inc. will not be responsible for any losses sustained by purchasers through the use of an obsolete price list or pages thereof.

5. Taxes or other government charges upon the manufacture, sale or shipment of materials listed herein as imposed by Federal, State or Municipal authority shall be added to the price to be paid by the purchaser.


1. Other than for cash or C.O.D. accounts, terms of sale are net 30 days.

2. Past due accounts shall be subject to an interest charge of 1-1/5% per month on the unpaid balance.

3. Back charges for repairs or alterations will not be allowed unless specifically accepted in advance in writing by REBCO, Inc. We shall not assume back charges for labor or materials required on the job site due to inaccuracies caused by the use of templates for cut-outs or dealer approved drawings and dimensions. 


1. Purchaser shall immediately check all materials on receipt and any damages, defects, shortages or improper character shall be reported to REBCO Inc. in writing within five days of receipt of said material. Failure to so notify shall constitute waiver of any claim against REBCO Inc. for such conditions.

2. In no event shall REBCO Inc. be responsible for any damage arising from the use of damaged, defective or improper character of materials.

3. Any material deemed defective which is covered under our warranty shall be repaired or replaced. Labor or other expenditure incurred by the purchaser or any other party in consequence of such a material defect cannot be claimed.


1. Returned material shall not be accepted unless previously authorized in writing and material is accompanied by returned merchandise identification ticket. Material must be returned within 30 days from receipt of ticket.

2. Returned material shall be subject to Company inspection. Credit for saleable material shall be allowed at the invoiced price less a 15% minimum handling charge.

3. Transportation costs on returned material shall be prepaid by the buyer.


1. REBCO warrants that the goods to be supplied will conform to the catalog or price list description. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and of all other obligations and liabilities. In no event shall REBCO be liable for any contingent liabilities. 


1. In an effort to maintain the most current styles and latest design innovations, we may find it necessary to change details without notice.

2. Special hardware may require modifications to our standard products which can change the look of a product, be it windows, doors or entrances. If a particular style is to be maintained please notify us.

3. Hardware furnished by others must be in the plant before an order is placed into fabrication. A delay in the timely receipt of purchaser supplied hardware will delay accordingly, shipment of an order. Expediting hardware will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Any expense incurred to modify and/or to repair hardware which is inaccurate or defective will be charged to the buyer. Any defects or inaccuracies related to hardware by others will be resolved by the buyer and the hardware supplier. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ascertain whether or not the custom hardware to be provided can be used with the products being ordered.

4. Ordering the materials acceptable by local building and fire codes is the responsibility of the purchaser.

5. REBCO, Inc. is not responsible for typographic errors or errors of omission in this catalog.


1. The purchaser accepts responsibility for ordering material which will conform to all of the local, state and federal building codes as well as to A.D.A. standards.

2. All materials shall be installed by experienced mechanics and shall conform to the highest standards of the industry, i.e. all materials shall be set in their proper locations, plumb, level, square, clean and be provided a solid anchoring surface.

3. Fasteners, where exposed, shall be aluminum, stainless steel or plated steel in accordance with ASTM A164. Perimeter anchors shall be aluminum or steel providing the steel is properly isolated from the aluminum. Where aluminum sections are placed in contact with steel, concrete, plaster, or other dissimilar materials, the entire aluminum surface of contact shall be back painted with a heavy coat of approved bituminous paint.

4. All joints between the aluminum framing and the wood or masonry shall be sealed in order to secure a watertight installation. NOTE: REBCO, Inc. does not normally provide structural support of the framing system, trim, and/or metal sub sills. REBCO may at its option and if requested to do so, provide one or more of these options if they are specified by the purchaser.

5. The purchaser shall protect the aluminum products and material and finish against damage from construction activities and harmful substances. Upon completion of construction, the purchaser and/or general contractor shall be responsible for cleaning the aluminum with plain water containing mild soap or detergent or a petroleum product such as white gasoline, kerosene, or distillate. No abrasive agent shall be used.

REBCO is not responsible for typographical errors or errors of omission in this web site.