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1100 Series Double Hung Tilt Window Specifications

OPERATION – Sash shall be counterbalanced to remain in place during operation. Both sash shall tilt in for cleaning exterior glass surface.

MATERIALS – All extrusions shall be Prime-Alloy 6063-T5 and shall be thermally broken by a high density and low thermal conductive material. Rigid vinyls are used in construction for added thermal improvement. Sill has a main wall thickness of 0.078". Jambs, heads, mullions, stiles and rails shall have a main wall thickness of 0.062". Rails shall be tubular profile.
Frame construction – Frames shall have integral screen tracks. All corners shall be coped and butt joined and mechanically fastened with two stainless steel screws per corner. Frame depth shall be 3.250". Frames with 1-1/2" extended fins are available.

SASH CONSTRUCTION – All sash corners shall be coped and butt-joined and mechanically fastened with two stainless steel screws per corner. The lift on lower sash shall be rounded at its corners. Sash shall be interlocked at meeting rails and augmented with two additional weatherstrippings.

GLAZING – Both sash shall utilize 7/8" thick insulating glass consisting of two sheets of 3/32" thick clear annealed glass and a desiccant filled non-metallic spacer system (Duralite insulating unit). Both sash shall be marine glazed with the glass unit set in a wrap-around vinyl glazing channel.

SCREEN CONSTRUCTION – Standard screen shall be a half screen. The screen rails shall be extruded of aluminum with all corners keyed. The screen frame shall be fitted with 18 x 16 mesh rewireable charcoal fiberglass screen cloth by a flexible spline.

HARDWARE – Sash balances shall be factory calibrated spiral balances. Balance rods shall be inserted into the slot of the shoe which lock in place once sash is tilted in. Sash lock shall be finished either white or black. Sash lock shall be fastened at the lock rail by two self-tapping screws.

WEATHERSTRIPPING – High-density woven pile shall be used in combination with continuous polyethylene rigid seal to minimize air infiltration.

FINISH – All exposed surfaces shall receive an electrostatically baked-on finish. The painting process is preceded by a nonchromate conversion coating for proper adherence.

OPTIONS – Between glass grids – Colonial, Georgian and Diamond aluminum in white, bronze or two tone (green-white or bronze-white), are available. Applied grids are also available.

GLAZING – Swiggle glass units, obscure wire, clear wire, frosted, Low-E, Argon filled Low-E and special tempered glass can be used. Full screen, oriel and cottage windows are available. Double lock, custom colors are available.