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SERIES 2000 Specifications
Projected and Casement Windows

Specifications Rated P-HC40. Test results available.

GENERAL — Furnish and install REBCO Series 2000 insulated aluminum windows as manufactured by REBCO Incorporated, Paterson, NJ. The windows shall include the necessary hardware and related items as described in this section and as detailed on the plans.

SHOP DRAWINGS — REBCO shop drawing services are available. Please call for details.

MATERIALS — The windows shall be fabricated from extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T5. All members shall be a minimum 2" in depth. All sash sections shall be tubular extrusions with a minimum 1/8" in combined wall sections. Glazing beads shall have a thickness of not less than .045". Window sections shall have a minimum glazing leg of .70" and they shall be provided with snap-on aluminum glazing beads.

CONSTRUCTION — Frame corners shall be machine cut for precision fit and butt jointed and mechanically fastened using stainless steel fasteners. Sash corners shall be mitred and mechanically crimped and epoxy glued under several tons of pneumatic force. Muntin bars shall be coped to create a mortised joint which shall be argon-electric welded to insure maximum strength.

WEATHER-STRIP — The operating vent shall be double weather-stripped with an extruded vinyl. The weather-strip shall be uninterrupted and secured within extruded raceways at the interior and exterior points of contact with the surrounding frame.

HARDWARE — Projected windows shall be provided with two 4-bar hinge assemblies securely fastened to the frame and vent, and operating in a track provided with an adjustable nylon friction feature. The cam handles shall be manufactured from white bronze and secured with stainless steel fasteners. Casement windows shall be supported by butt hinges manufactured from white bronze and secured with stainless fasteners. Casements shall have white bronze locking handles with concealed strikes. Locking handles and concealed strikes shall be securely fastened with stainless steel fasteners.

FINISH — The material for this series is available and stocked in a white painted finish, clear anodized and dark bronze hardcoat. Custom colors available. Call for details.

THERMAL BARRIER — The thermal barrier shall consist of a two-part, chemically-curing, high strength, pure polyurethane casting resin. This thermal barrier shall provide a continuous uninterrupted break around the entire perimeter of the frame and vent and it shall not be abridged by any metals, conductors or other similar materials. The cavity size of the thermal break shall be .437" wide, .350" high and shall have a throat opening of at least .188" wide. Residential size cavities will not be permitted.

INSTALLATION — Windows shall be installed by experienced window erectors, in accordance with local building codes. All members shall be set plumb and level with ventilators in true alignment. All aluminum surfaces in contact with masonry or steel shall be insulated therefrom by pressure sensitive tape, zinc chromate primer, lacquer or bituminous paint.


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