Super Strength Series W Door

REBCO's wide Stile Series W Door has the design and construction capabilities to handle the most severe traffic conditions that can be imposed on any entrance door. This entrance complements strong, monumental style buildings. If a lighter appearance is desired in a door, but traffic patterns call for a wide, sturdy door, it is possible to create the illusion of lightness through appropriate color application. Call us for recommendations. We are always happy to assist you with appropriate selections for your specific project.

REBCO entrance corners are constructed with a reinforcing anchor block which is coin punched, interlocked, bolted and then welded with a 100% deep penetration weld. All REBCO doors feature an adjustable nosing that can be moved in or expanded out to permit ease of installation.

Shown to the right is a custom color entrance with 2 distinct colors, one to coordinate with the interior design and one to match the coloration of the exterior.

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